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FOUR lifesaving defibrillators installed in Whickham

Published 14th December 2022 | Community, News

Here at Team Valley Group, we are proud to be congratulating our very own Business Development Manager, David Thompson, for helping to raise an outstanding £6239 for the Oakfield Road Emergency Defibrillator Appeal.

David managed to raise this impressive sum not only through his participation in this year’s Great North Run but also through going door-to-door, seeking donations from the local community in Whickham.

David’s fundraising journey began back in July. Being a resident of Whickham, and caring deeply for his local community, David was inspired by the amazing work conducted by The Red Sky Foundation a charity foundation that installs lifesaving defibrillators across the North East.

The amazing work done by the foundation prompted David’s decision to run The Great North Run with an original target of raising £4000 so that multiple defibrillators could be installed in Whickham.

As a business, we supported David by designing signs and branded collection tubs for two different sites on Oakfield Road, as part of the push to help David reach his target.

David Thompson, Business Development Officer at Team Valley Group

Pictured: David Thompson, Business Development Officer at Team Valley Group

Thanks to David’s hard work and charitable participation over the summer months, the incredible sum of £6239 was raised – more than 50% of his original target. The monies raised have resulted in an incredible FOUR lifesaving defibrillators being installed in Whickham. We will be contributing further to this cause, by covering the installation costs of the defibrillators.

One of the four Defibrillators installed in Whickham

David Thompson, Business and Development Officer at Team Valley Group, said:

“It all started with the goal to raise enough money to install one defibrillator on Oakfield Road, as there were none nearby. Quickly it became apparent that with the generous backing of neighbours, residents of Whickham and local businesses, we could aim higher with the cause. With Team Valley Group covering the costs of installation, we’ve been able to raise enough to install four defibrillators. We’re absolutely delighted with this result and grateful to everyone who supported the cause.”

We would like to also give a very special thank you to The Red Sky Foundation for their part in donating charitable funds to contribute to making David’s project an outstanding success.

Donation from Team Valley Group to The Red Sky Foundation

Pictured from left to right: Sergio Petrucci of The Red Sky Foundation, Team Valley Group Marketing Director, David Auton and Business Development Officer (and long-distance runner!) David Thompson.

You can find out more about the wonderful work conducted by The Red Sky Foundation on their website, which can be found here.