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Boost your North East business with an NBSL-funded website from Team Valley Group

Published 25th January 2023 | Development, News

Fuss-Free Grant Funding with NEBSF

In these trying times, business owners need all of the help that they can get. Luckily, here at Team Valley Group, we specialise in helping you to ensure that your North East business stands out and stays current with a shiny new website funded by NBSL.

Over recent years, we have helped a huge number of local businesses boost their visibility and reach by creating slick, state-of-the-art websites that allow them to showcase the products and services that they offer.

For many SMEs, this would not have been possible without vital NBSL funding provided by the North East Business Support Fund.

Fuss-Free Grant Funding with NEBSF

How it works

If you’re looking to grow your North East business, help is closer at hand than you might think.

NBSL is one of the longest-established and most successful business support organisations operating within the North East. Over the course of just under 20 years, NBSL has helped thousands of people to start and grow businesses across the region via the North East Business Support Fund (NEBSF).

The NEBSF provides an incredible opportunity – and in many instances a lifeline – to businesses looking to grow and develop but feeling hampered by financial constraints.

During these incredibly challenging times, it may be even more of a challenge than usual for SMEs to access the funds that they require in order to continue growing and moving forward. The NEBSF from NBSL provides a fantastic chance to access such funds and use them to grow your business’s reach.

If your business has not received a NEBSF grant since February 2018 and you are a trading SME based in either Northumberland, Tyne & Wear or County Durham, you could be eligible for a grant of up to 40% towards a business improvement project costing between £3000 and £8000.

The deadline for funding applications has been extended to February 14th, 2023, so you’ll need to move fast.

What can we do for you? 

Through this fantastic funding scheme, we have assisted dozens of North East SMEs in developing their online presence by way of a professional website for their business.

Guess what? We could do the same for you. Apply for a NEBSF grant today and let us help you put your business on the map with a bespoke, tailor-made website from Team Valley Group.

“We have helped dozens of fantastic North East businesses to grow their reach with a state-of-the-art website funded by the brilliant NEBSF grants. It’s always a pleasure to see local SMEs access the financial support that they need and deserve, it really can go a long way towards helping your business move forward.” – Andrew Auton, Managing Director of Team Valley Group. 

We have helped dozens of SMEs boost their visibility with a sleek website. Curious about what we have done for other North East businesses through the NEBSF scheme? If you are keen to check out some of our previous NEBSF projects, we recently completed the websites for Advanced Safety Group, WD Close, EB Bridal and Morfab. Why not take a look and get a feel for what we could do for your business?

For further information about how we can help, contact

Remember, the deadline to apply for NBSL funding is February 14th.

To find out more about what Team Valley Web can do for your business, click here.