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Five reasons to hire a professional copywriter

Published 23rd July 2021 | Marketing

Are you a business owner who is struggling to dedicate time to content creation? Are you currently scrambling over the right words to captivate your target audience? A professional copywriter can help.

There is a common misconception that if you can build a successful business from the ground up, then you’ll have no problem writing about it. But being too close to your business can sometimes be a hinderance, resulting in technical jargon and a lack of outsider perspectives. With the marketing expertise of a professional copywriter, every word is typed with your target consumer in mind. Copywriters avoid the pitfalls of typos and waffle that can often trip business owners up.

Here at Team Valley Group, our marketing professionals are well versed in brand management and the art of persuasion, crafting creative copy that ties your website and printed materials together in a neatly branded bow.

Here are the topic five reasons your business should consider a copywriter:

1. Fresh content for each and every web page

Forget duplicating content, copy and pasting is a sure-fire way to make your Google rankings plummet. We understand the temptation – you have to wear many hats when trying to run a successful business, but sometimes it is best to leave the copywriting hat on the professional’s head. Rushed or duplicated copy can cause your bounce rates to sky rocket and readers will start looking elsewhere for products and services. Copywriters have the time, understanding and dedication to the written word to produce original content that will maximise shareability and keep you on good terms with Google.

2. A customer-focused, impartial perspective

Looking at your business from an objective and unbiased viewpoint can help copywriters to uncover your unique selling points, putting them directly into the shoes of the potential customer. This is a difficult perspective to achieve when you live and breathe your business. A copywriter isn’t going to be an expert in your industry, however this can often work wonders for your content, as they are forced to think outside of the box in terms of how to make your sector and service engaging and accessible to a large readership.

3. A consistent brand voice across all channels

Copywriters can help you find your niche, and with an impressive knowledge of nuanced audiences and experience dissecting multiple markets, they can creatively conjure up a brand voice that will grab your reader’s attention. We all know consistency is key, but we also know that your time is limited. A copywriter can create high quality content that reflects your brand identity in each and every post, whether it be via Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.

4. Stress-free search engine optimisation

As we’ve established, good content marketers and copywriters can successfully seduce an audience, but many of these skilled professionals know how to seduce search engines too. A knowledgeable and up-to-date copywriter will conduct the necessary keyword research that will appeal and be valuable to search engine users, elevating your click-through rate, boosting your brand’s authority and pushing you up those all-important Google rankings.

5. Error-free grammar and punctuation

Separating thoughts, emphasising meaning and creating effective pauses are just some of the ways that grammar can enhance your content. Breaking too many grammar rules and having a web page that is brimming with spelling and punctuation errors can damage your company’s credibility. Copywriters know how to balance correct English with brilliantly persuasive prose, adding a sprinkling of slang and informal language to captivate your audience while maintaining your professional image.

Breathe new life into your marketing strategy with high quality copy.

Operating behind-the-scenes as your secret salesperson, a professional copywriter won’t just save you time, they will also salvage dull and drab content and deliver a clear brand message that converts.