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Logo Design: A day in the life of a graphic designer

Published 10th August 2021 | Design

Branding is the backbone of your business. It conveys your message, your personality and the unique point of difference that separates you from your competitors. The logo is arguably the most important element of branding – it is the visual cue for customers, helping them to understand you.

There is a lot riding on the font, colour, shape and style of your unique logo, which is why it’s important to find a graphic designer that understands your business and can make the key connection between your company values and your services, creating a visual motif that gets down to the nitty gritty of who exactly you are. Within this blog post, we are taking a deep-dive into the creative process of one of our talented graphic designers, Shelley, who, on a typical day is creating the important visual symbol that will be displayed on our clients’ printed marketing materials, signage and throughout their website.

The initial conversation

When taking on a new client, Shelley will take time to get to know the client, their current branding (if they are an existing business) and any taglines that they may wish to include. She will also conduct competitor analysis and gain an understanding of any colour preferences that they may want to incorporate into the design.

Olivia's Kitchen logo development, graphic design by Team Valley Group

The design process

Shelley will then put pen to paper (and cursor to photoshop) and create 2-3 unique concepts. Shelley makes sure that each design has a different typeface and style, offering the client the scope to combine elements from all three distinct logo designs in order to find the sweet spot. If the client is in two minds, Shelley will mock up stationery such as business cards and brochure covers, helping the client to visualise how the potential logo will look in situ.

Gillespie Recruitment logo and branding, graphic design by Team Valley Group

The best bits

One of Shelley’s favourite aspects of working as a graphic designer at Team Valley Group is the versatility and variety of clients that she works with on a daily basis. One day she is designing a logo for Fabricator business Fab Hunter and the next day she is creating the motif that will represent the region’s most beloved event, the Blaydon Races.

With each logo project, Shelley keeps the target customer at the forefront of her mind, stating; “A customer will create their own interpretation of your business just from your logo. It must be visually inviting, memorable and recognisable. It’s important that it leaves the right first impression.”

Wild Deer Events logo and Blaydon Race logo, graphic design by Team Valley Group

Do you need a fresh pair of eyes to evaluate your brand? Do you need a graphic designer to deliver smart logo development and a stand-out design? Get in touch for a personalised quote.