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Social media: the key to building your business

Published 19th May 2023 | Marketing, News

With recent studies uncovering that a whopping 55% of consumers discover new businesses through social media, including paid ads and organic brand content, any business that has not yet invested in its online presence is missing out on a large portion of potential customers. 

The wide variety of social media platforms on offer and the millions of users already interacting on these can have businesses fighting to be seen in an overly saturated market. This is why it’s crucial to see social media as a tool for not only product and service promotion but also as a way to engage with customers, educate them on the details of what you have to offer, and share the backstory of your brand.

Today, we are highlighting the importance of social media to boost your business marketing strategy and offering advice on how to get the most out of this ever-evolving commercial space. 

Increase E-commerce sales

If you’re a business that relies on online purchases, then a strong social media presence can serve as a foundation for securing customers. Without a platform that relates to your online store, you can lose customers who may be uncertain about your brand’s legitimacy to your competitors that have more of an online presence as they are easier to locate and verify.

With the rise of the Internet, connecting customers’ access across the world is simpler than ever, and with forecasters predicting that by 2026 a quarter of all sales will be made online, investing in your website and social media presence as two united entities is crucial now more than ever.

Generate potential leads

With 57.1 million UK citizens actively using social media, there are plenty of potential leads for businesses to access and a vibrant and active social media presence allows you to meaningfully target your demographic. LinkedIn, for example, can be used for networking with communities of like-minded businesses and Facebook can be used for directly interacting with customers more creatively.

Of course, generating leads and nurturing these leads into sales are two very different things. Social media teams work to ensure that businesses build strong relationships with clients, build credibility, and educate audiences on what their brand has to offer which, in turn, creates sales.

Office team working together for social media content

Learn about competition

Social media not only provides insight into your target demographic, it also provides information on competitors. With business social profiles completely accessible to the public, this is the perfect chance for you to assess their business practice online and rework ideas or strategies they have implemented to improve your presence.

Reviewing how competitors interact with their customers can assist you in fulfilling any customer needs that have been missed or forgotten, and promoting this on your social media channels can give you the edge you need in a busy market.

Driving traffic to your website

When you connect your social media and website, you’re increasing credibility and improving awareness of the brand as Google ranks in favour of business pages that are already linked to social media.

Minimising the longevity of the customer search cycle can improve the likelihood of them making a purchase or applying for your services.

Understand more about your business 

Social media is a brilliant way to reflect on your overall business plan, from refocusing on your target audience to improving your customer service response, using a variety of channels should be at the top of your list of requirements, no matter the size of the business. When considering the nuances and importance of social media, it can be a daunting task to create a truly well-rounded digital marketing strategy, so calling in a fully equipped marketing team could be the answer for you.

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